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The word Kaloka comes from Sanskrit meaning famous.


Using local Indonesian clay, we create using a hand craft technique.

Processing with our hearts and love, we've designed and made Kaloka full of

joy and happiness. We choose to use the technique of thrown  and manual

formation by hand because Kaloka has its own soul. Indonesian material,

variety and craftsmanship honouring the heritage of our ancestors.  We

believe that kaloka ceramics have "soul" and “love".

Kaloka ceramics have unique characteristics in every piece. We are not a

factory but we are able to produce in large quantities, and our specialty

is that every product is unique. Kaloka’s soul has a personal touch in

every piece.

Our studio is located in Jogja, the cultural heart of Indonesia. The human

capital and cultural wealth of Java are in perfect harmony with Kaloka

ceramics.  Every process of our journey is guided by our rich heritage and

local wisdom. Our crafts people are mostly women. In their modesty and with

their skilled hands they are proud partners of Kaloka.

The glazing and burning process is carefully completed in our studio

located at Bausasran DN III no 695, Danurejan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We do

the glazing process one by one with painting, spray and dye techniques. As

a form of our love to the universe, in this process we do as effectively as

possible. Almost no materials are wasted.  We are always challenged to

produce a unique Kaloka which is beautiful and has a soul.

Our studio is open for public to come and see the process of Kaloka ceramic

production.  Discussing and sharing knowledge preserving the universe is a

core Kaloka belief.

In our daily life with the strong and proud culture of Indonesia we create

a design and form that’s artistic in accordance with its function. Some

Kaloka clients want to have a custom design which after honest discussions,

careful processing and mutual understanding of the client we aim to create

"soul" for clients also that are always in harmonious.  We believe this is

our DNA.