Word of KALOKA

KALOKA comes from Sanskrit meaning "Famous" . Our Pottery is Hand crafted from Indonesia Clay material, formed manually, using throwing technique


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A little more about Kaloka Pottery

We are not factory but we are able to produce in large quantities to world wide. Our specialty is that every piece is unique.

Our Studio is located in Jogjakarta, the cultural heart of Indonesia. Where the human capital and cultural wealth of Java in perfect harmony with soul of KALOKA Pottery.

We believe that Kaloka Pottery have SOUL & LOVE 


Our design is a preservation of our Culture, Honouring Indonesian heritage of craftsmanship and a celebration of Joy and Happiness of Indonesian Spirit.


Promoting sustainable business from Clay to craft with consciousness of preserving Indonesian Art , Craft, Community & Nature.


Preserving Indonesian Culture Empowering local communities of crafters Bringing more consciousness of conserving Indonesian Soil and Nature

How To Order

Online purchases via Whatsapp will be served at 9am-4pm (GMT+7)

Your satisfaction is our goal, we are proud to serve you.

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Jalan Bausasran DN3 NO.695

Kec. Danurejan, Kota Yogyakarta

Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta



Monday - Sunday, 9am-5pm